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Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Course:
Teaching students gene expression and protein synthesis

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Course
Product Name Catalog No. Qty Storage
Protein Expression Reagent Kit CFS-EDU 1 -80 ℃

This kit is intended for teaching students in a practical course doing experiments related to gene expression and protein synthesis.
The "Protein Expression Reagent Kit" provides sufficient reagents to conduct one "Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Course" for 20 students. In the experimental outline, it is assumed that two students perform the experiments together, and therefore reagents are provided for 10 groups/sets of experiments.
During this "Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Course", experiments are performed to demonstrate both steps of protein biosynthesis: Transcription of an mRNA from a DNA template and translation of the mRNA into a functional protein. The kit provides a DNA template for the expression of a Green Fluorescent Protein, or "GFP", that can easily be detected by exhibiting bright green light upon exposure to blue or ultraviolet light. Visibility of the green light proves that a functional protein had been prepared during the "Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Course".
Specific instrumentation for doing the experiments can be purchased separately as a "Laboratory Instrument Set".

Kit Contens: Reagents
Reagent name Figure Qty Volume Description
① Distilled water Microtube 1 1,200 µL To dilute reagents
②Transcription buffer Microtube 1 200 µL To use in transcription
③Ribonucleotides Microtube 1 100 µL Substrate for mRNA synthesis
④10mg/mL RNase Microtube 1 35 µL Enzyme to degrade RNA
⑤10,000 unit/mL
    RNase inhibitor
Microtube 1 68 µL Inhibitor of RNase Activity
⑥10,000 unit/mL
    RNA Polymerase
Microtube 1 99 µL Enzyme for synthesizing RNA
⑦1 mg/mL
    Plasmid DNA
Microtube 1 66 µL Template DNA with GFP gene
    detection reagent
    Not including in Kit*
Microtube 1 1,050 µL To visualize RNA
⑨Wheat germ extract Microtube 1 330 µL Lysate for synthesizing protein from mRNA
⑩Amino acids Microtube 5 1,050 µL Substrate for protein synthesis

* Please note that CellFree Sciences did not obtain the resale rights for sales of the Quant-iT™ RiboGreen® RNA Reagent outside of Japan. Therefore, please purchase the Quant-iT™ RiboGreen® RNA Reagent (Catalog number: R11491) locally from Invitrogen.


Laboratory Instrument Set

Product Name Catalog No. Qty Storage
Laboratory Instrument Set CFS-EDU-E 1 Room Temperature

The parts of the Laboratory Instrument Set can be reused for multiple classes. This set is sold separately from Protein Expression Reagent Kit.

Contents of Laboratory Instument Set
Item Qty Description
Tube rack 11 To keep tubes and vial with reagents
Floater 2 Using water-bath as incubator, to float microtubes with reagent on the water
Orange filter 11 Confirmation of RNA expression
Blue LED light 11 Confirmation of RNA expression
UV - LED light 11 To confirm fluorescence if GFP was synthesized
Outline of the "Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Course"

Instruction Manual

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