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Protein Research Kits

Product Name Catalog No. Unit Qty Storage
Protein Research Kit (S) CFS-PRK-S24 1 set 24 reactions -80
Protein Research Kit (G) CFS-PRK-G24 1 set 24 reactions -80
Protein Research Kit (H) CFS-PRK-H24 1 set 24 reactions -80

Protein Research Kits provide premixed reagents to perform cell-free protein expression reactions starting directly from a DNA template in an easy to setup, fast two-step process. Each kit contains the reagents to perform 24 SP6-driven mRNA expression and wheat germ protein synthesis reactions. In addition, reaction tubes for the bilayer protein expression reaction are included.

Each protein expression reaction can yield some 30g of crude protein. This is sufficient for most experimental designs to analyze your proteins of interest. Special versions of the Protein Research Kit are available for the preparation of GST- and His-tagged fusion proteins. These kits contain wheat germ extracts that have been pretreated to remove proteins binding to glutathione or nickel resins respectively. Hence those wheat germ extracts allow for higher protein purity of tagged proteins after the purification step.

Expression vectors or PCR primers required for protein expression are not included in the Protein Research Kits. You can obtain those by purchasing the Premium PLUS Kit for setting up our expression system.

Kit Comparison
Research Kit (S)
Research Kit (G)
Research Kit (H)
Catalog No. CFS-PRK-S24 CFS-PRK-G24 CFS-PRK-H24
No. of reactions 24 24 24
Volume per reaction 226 µl 226 µl 226 µl
Wheat germ
contained in
the premix with
creatine kinase
Reaction steps
  1. Transcription using either plasmid DNA template or linear DNA template, incubation at 37 for 1 hour (plasmid DNA) or 4 hours (linear DNA).
  2. Translation of target protein by bi-layer reaction, incubation at 15 for 20 hours (plasmid DNA) or 24 hours (linear DNA).

Contents of kit
Transcription Premix
18 µL x 24
WEPRO®9240/G/H (*1)
10 µL x 24
206 µL x 24
Aluminum seal
6 strips

(*1) WEPRO7240/G/H mixed with creatine kinase
(*2) contained in a single-break strip well consisting of 8 wells, which are also used as reaction tubes

Apparatus required for reaction

Incubator (Transcription at 37 , translation at 15 )

Instruction manual

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