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ProteoLiposome PLUS Expression Kit

Product Name Catalog No. Qty No. of Reaction Storage
ProteoLiposome PLUS Expression Kit CFS-EDX-PLEPLUS 1 8 -80Ž

CellFree Sciences developed new kit for testing synthesis of proteoliposome for membrane proteins with wheat germ cell free protein expression system. Foramat of ProteoLiposome PLUS Expression Kit is based on Premium PLUS Experssion Kit. Therefore, Pre-mixed trancription reaction reagents and WEPRO®9L , premmix translation reaction reagents, which includes WEPRO®7240, creatine kinase and prepared asolection-liposome are provided in the Kit. Only constructing specific template with cloning taget gene to pEU vection in the kit, you can start to test synthesis for proteoliposome of your interest.

‡@Transcription ‡ATranslation reaction mix

‡Bproteoliposome synthesis (Bi-Layer reactionj

‡Ccrude proteoliposome

‡Dpurifying proteoliposome by centrifugation

Fig. 2 proteoliposomes synthesized by ProteoLiposome PLUS Expression Kit

Contents of Kit
Reagents No. Specification Volume
pEU-E01-MCS vector 1 1.0 ug/uL 5.0 uL
pEU-E01-T1R1vector (positive control) 1 1.0 ug/uL 5.0 uL
Transcription Premix 8 - 18 uL
WEPRO®9L *1(Translation premixj 8 - 21 uL
SUB-AMIX® SGC *2 8 - 210 uL
Aluminum seal 2 - -
Protocol 1 - -


(*1) WEPRO7240 mixed with creatine kinase and asolection liposome.

(*2) contained in a single-break strip well consisting of 8 wells, which are also used as reaction tubes

Apparatus required for reaction

Incubator (Transcription at 37 Ž, translation at 15 Ž)

Instruction manual

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