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WEPRO2240 (15N) Expression Kit

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WEPRO2240 (15N) Expression Kit CFS-TRI-2240S15N 1 -80/-20

This kit is for producing 15N-labeled proteins. Contained in the kit are the transcription and translation reagents for wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis with WEPRO2240, a specialty wheat germ extract containing only traces of amino acids. WEPRO2240 is used in combination with SUB-AMIX (15N), a translation buffer containing amino acids labeled with high purity 15N made by chemical synthesis. One kit contains sufficient amounts of reagents for one run of Protemist® DT II with 6 samples (6-mL translation) or 24 samples (1.2-mL translation). It can also be used for manual synthesis with 6-, 24-, or 96-well plates. The kit facilitates the acquisition of HSQC spectral data by NMR.

WEPRO2240 (15N) Expression kit is a product jointly developed by CellFree Science Co., Ltd., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Ltd., and Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc. Please feel free to contact us for further information on 13C, 15N; 13C, D, 15N, and other specific amino acid labeling,


An example of HSQC spectral data of protein synthesized by WEPRO2240 (15N) Expression Kit. HSQC (TROSY) spectrum of human E3 protein (M.W. 45,000) synthesized using the kit. Instrument: INOVA800MHz (Varian Inc.); HSQC data provided by Dr. Inagaki, Hokkaido University.


Contents of kit
240 OD
2 mL
SUB-AMIX (15N) (S1`S4)
Set of 4 parts, 40x each
1.1 mL x 4
SP6 RNA Polymerase
80,000 units/mL
0.03 mL
RNase Inhibitor
80,000 units/mL
0.03 mL
25 mM
0.2 mL
5x Transcription Buffer
0.4 mL
Creatine Kinase
(to be used one time only)
20 mg/mL
0.02 mL


Apparatus required

@EAutomatic synthesis: Protemist® DT II
@EManual synthesis: Incubator (transcription at 37, translation at 15-26)


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