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WEPRO8240 (15N) Expression Kit

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WEPRO8240 (15N) Expression Kit CFS-TRI-8240S15N 1 set -80/-20

This kit is for producing 15N labeled proteins at high yields. Contained in the kit are the transcription and translation reagents for wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis with WEPRO8240, a specialty high yield wheat germ extract containing only traces of amino acids. Other dedicated reagents contained in the kit are 5x Transcription Buffer LM and SUB-AMIX SGC (15N), a translation buffer containing amino acids labeled with high purity 15N made by chemical synthesis. One kit contains sufficient amounts of reagents for one run of Protemist® DT II with 6 samples (6-mL translation) or 24 samples (1.2-mL translation). It can also be used for manual synthesis with 6-, 24-, or 96-well plates. The kit facilitates the acquisition of HSQC spectral data by NMR.

WEPRO8240 (15N) Expression kit is a product jointly developed by CellFree Science Co., Ltd., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Ltd., and Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Inc. Please feel free to contact us for further information on 13C, 15N; 13C, D, 15N, and other specific amino acid labeling,


Contents of kit
240 OD
2 mL
SUB-AMIX SGC (15N) (S1`S4)
Set of 4 parts, 40x each
1.1 mL x 4
SP6 RNA Polymerase
80,000 units/mL
0.03 mL
RNase Inhibitor
80,000 units/mL
0.03 mL
25 mM
0.2 mL
5x Transcription Buffer LM
0.4 mL
Creatine Kinase
(to be used one time only)
20 mg/mL
0.02 mL


Apparatus required

@EAutomatic synthesis: Protemist® DT II
@EManual synthesis: Incubator (transcription at 37, translation at 15-26)


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