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Approach to Quality


ISO9001 certification

In 2017, CellFree Sciences obtained ISO9001 certification for the Design, Development, and Manufacture of Reagents for Protein Synthesis.


Quality Policy:

As a group of professionals dedicated to cell-free protein synthesis technology the Company recognizes that improving our customers’satisfaction forms the foundation for our growth.We will endeavor to assess our customers’ needs accurately, and provide a stable supply of products and services that satisfy the requirements of our customers and those of relevant laws and regulations, as well as seeking continuous improvement of our quality management system.


Scope of Registration:

The Design, Development, and Manufacture of Reagents for Protein Synthesis.







ISO9001 is an international standard for Quality Management Systems that seek continuous improvements in the quality of products and services. 


We will continue to work daily on providing a stable supply of our products and improving customer satisfaction, so that our customers can continue to feel secure about using our products and services.

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