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Robotic Protein Synthesizer

Protemist® DT II


Protemist DT II is a fully automated desktop protein synthesizer specifically designed for CFS's wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis system. It can be run in either 6-well or 24-well format, with a translation reaction volume of 6 mL/well or 1.2 mL/well, respectively. In either mode, one campaign is completed overnight.

For 6-well synthesis (6 mL/well) and purification, Protemist DT II uses newly developed disposable reaction cups, which permit batch affinity purification at prescribed temperatures. This feature is especially useful for the synthesis of proteins highly susceptible to heat.

Examples of 6-well synthesis and purification of selected His-tagged proteins are shown below. With WEPRO1240H, more than 200 µg of His-tagged GFP at a purity of more than 80% is produced from a well, and if all 6 wells are used, more than 1.2 mg of the protein is produced in one campaign overnight.

The 24-well mode (1.2 mL/well) permits transcription and translation of up to 24 samples in one campaign overnight, taking full advantage of the high-throughput capability of the wheat germ cell-free system. Run in the 24-well mode, therefore, Protemist DTII is well suited to expression screening and screening of proteins synthesis conditions.


Synthesis method ENDEXT® cell-free protein synthesis technology; Bilayer continuous diffusion method
Max. number of samples per run 6 samples: transcription, translation (6 mL/sample), affinity purification
24 samples: transcription, translation (1.2 mL/sample)
Reagent unit
・Temperature control method
・Temperature setting

Peltier module
4℃ (Fixed)
Reaction unit
・Temperature control method
・Temperature control range
・Temperature control variation

Peltier module
Within ±1.5℃
Liquid dispensing tips
Operational control & display
IntelR CeleronR M Processor (1.50 GHz)
37 GB
256 MB
Windows XP (English version)
14.1 inch
Dispensing volume variation Within ±5%, CV < 1% (in dispensing 100 µL distilled water)
Ambience for installation 15〜30℃, humidity < 75%, dew condensation to be avoided
Power supply
・Voltage fluctuation tolerance
・Power consumption
AC 100-240 V
350 VA
Dimensions and weight (main unit) W: 700 mm (28"), H: 790 mm (31"), D: 500 mm (20"); 100 kg (220 lb) 


Protemist DT II is guaranteed for one year from the date of installation. The main unit and control PC come with instruction manuals and a set of reagents and consumables for start-up. Training in basic operations is provided at the time of installation.


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