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Robotic Protein Synthesizer

Protemist® XE


Protemist XE is a robotic desktop protein synthesizer designed for large-scale, low cost protein production using CFS's wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis system. The protein yield is maximized by programmed replenishment (Filter-and-Feed) of translation buffer and mRNA. It is dramatically increased by using WEPRO7240/8240 series of newly developed high performance wheat germ extracts. Protemist XE's capability is well demonstrated by large-scale production of crude GFP, 50 mg of which is produced from a 10-mL reaction volume in 24 hours.


Synthesis method ENDEXT® cell-free protein synthesis technology; Filter-and-Feed translation reaction
Number of sample per run 1 sample
Translation reaction volume 10, 20, 30, 40 mL
Pump Peristaltic pump (Masterflex®)
Filter unit Vivaflow 50 (Sartorius)
PC (external)
Operational control & display
Intel® Celeron® 585 Processor (2.16 GHz)
1 GB
Windows Vista Business
14.1 inch
Ambience (inside an incubator) 15〜40℃, humidity < 85%, dew condensation to be avoided
Power supply AC 100-240 V
Dimensions and weight (main unit) W: 525 mm (21"), H: 495 mm (19"), D: 310 mm (12"); 20 kg (44 lb) 



Protemist XE is guaranteed for one year from the date of installation. The main unit and control PC come with instruction manuals and a set of reagents and consumables for start-up. Training in basic operations is provided at the time of installation.


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