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Robotic Protein Synthesizers

Product Name
Protemist® DT ‡U

Fully automated protein synthesis through sequential transcription, translation, and affinity purification of up to 6 samples (6 well mode) in a 6-mL translation volume or transcription and translation of up to 24 samples (24 well mode) in a 1.2-mL translation volume.

With WEPRO1240H, more than 200 µg of protein (e.g. GFP) at a purity of higher than 80% is produced in each well in an overnight campaign.

Application: Antigen production, functional analysis, NMR analysis.

Protemist® XE

Designed for large-scale, low cost protein production model using the wheat germ cell-free system.

Automated protein synthesis through "Filter-and-Feed" translation method with programmed replenishment of translation buffer and mRNA to maximize protein yields.

Protemist XE's capability is well demonstrated by large-scale production of crude protein (e.g. GFP), 50 mg of which can be produced from a 10-mL reaction volume in 24 hours. The reaction volume can be scaled up from 10 mL to 20, 30, 40ml 

GenDecoder 1000

High-throughput protein production model.

Automatic protein synthesizer for screening purposes developed on the basis of wheat germ cell-free protein synthesis technology. Its high-throughput capability permits simultaneous synthesis of 384 protein samples overnight on a reaction scale of 150 µL/well.

Applications: High throughput screening, Functional analysis

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