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Label License Policy

ENDEXT®technology and products are covered by US Patent Nos. 6905843, 6869774 and 7919597, and other pending or equivalent patents.


The purchase of the products conveys to the buyer the non-transferable right to use thepurchased products and components of the products in research conducted by the buyer. The buyer cannot sell or otherwise transfer (a) the products (b) their components (c) materials made using the products or their components to a third party or otherwise usethe products or their components or materials made using the products or theircomponents for commercial purposes. The buyer may transfer information or materialsmade through the use of the products to a scientific collaborator, provided that suchtransfer is not for any commercial purposes, and that such collaborator agrees (a) not totransfer such materials to any third party, and (b) to use such transferred materials and/orinformation solely for research and not for commercial purposes.


For information on purchasing a license to products for purposes other than research, contact Intellectual Property Department of CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. 



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