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Changing procedures for kit manuals from May 10, 2021

Category: Announcements Created: Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Thank you very much indeed for working together with CellFree Sciences and using our cell-free protein expression system in your work.

CellFree Sciences wants to contribute to the global efforts to reduce paper usage. Therefore, we have decided to ship from May 10, 2021, all our reagents and kits without a printed manual.


All our manuals are available for download on our homepage and directions on how to access the manuals and other product related information will be attached to each shipment for guiding our customers.


If you have any questions on the use of our products or how to access the product manuals, please contact us.

We are happy to assist you and to send you a PDF version of our manuals.


Thank you for your understanding and support! We hope our customers will appreciate our efforts to reduce paper use by switching to paperless notes or keeping the number of printed pages to a minimum.

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