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Now on Launching : NanoDisc BD Kit

Category: Announcements Created: Sunday, 17 September 2023

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We, CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. launched "NanoDisc BD Kit", now !!




This new kit has following features ;

  • WEPRO7240ND, a wheat germ extract optimized for Nanodisc synthesis
  • With the Bi-Layer & Dialysis (BD) reaction, which has a proven track record in proteoliposome synthesis
  • A new method for NanoDisc synthesis (patent pending) that co-expresses mRNA for MSP protein and mRNA for the target membrane protein.

This kit enables high-quality and high-efficiency synthesis of NanoDisc for membrane proteins that have been difficult to

express in the past, and is hoped to further advance research on functional and structural analysis.



                          Claudin4 3


=====================Product Information ==============================

-Catalogue Number : CFS-CNDE-BD

-Product Name NanoDisc BD Kit

-SIZE : 5 reaction with 2.0 mL reaction scales of Bi-layer & Dialysis (BD) reaction

-Stock Temperature : -80℃

-List Price : $4,000.- /kit

-Specification : Claudin 4 can be synthesized as NanoDisc with more than 100ug per

 Bi-Layer & Dialysis reaction.


Please contact to us and to our sales agents in your region, now.



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