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Security Policy

Privacy Policy

CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") establishes its "privacy policy" as follows, recognizes that the company has a social responsibility to properly manage the personal information (of customers, clients, and other personnel) that it owns, and strives to protect this personal information.


  1. Obtainment of Personal Information

    When obtaining personal information, the company will clarify the purposes of use and obtain the information properly and lawfully.
  2. Usage of Personal Information

    The company will not use the obtained personal information for purposes that go beyond the extent of the stated purposes of use without the person's consent. However, this does not apply to cases as prescribed by law or cases in which action is needed to protect a person's life, body, or property.
  3. About the Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

    Excluding cases that involve outsourcing*, the company will not disclose or provide obtained personal information to a third party. However, this does not apply to cases in which the customer's consent is given, cases as prescribed by law, or cases in which it is difficult to receive the person's consent and action is needed to protect a person's life, body, or property.

    *For details, please refer to "Information About Handling Personal Information".

  4. Observation of Laws and Norms Related to the Handling of Personal Information and Continuous Re-Examination

    In addition to observing laws, guiding principles mandated by the country, and other norms related to the handling of personal information, the company will strive to appropriately re-examine and revise the content of this policy.
  5. Management of Personal Information and Enforcement of Security Control Measures

    In order to appropriately store and manage personal information and prevent the loss, corruption, falsification, and leakage of personal information, the company will specify the personal information that it handles, appoint managers of the information, and enforce organizational, personal, physical, and technical security measures. Additionally, if any issues arise, the company will swiftly execute corrective measures.
  6. About the Disclosure, Revision, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

    If the company receives a request from the person to disclose, revise, or suspend the use of obtained personal information, the company will comply swiftly. Additionally, the company will respond appropriately to complaints and consultations about personal information.
  7. About the Use of Cookies

    Cookies refer to a feature that stores information on the customer's computer indicating that the customer visited this site and enables the customer to access this site more conveniently. By using cookies, it is possible to obtain information from the customer's computer such as the number of times that websites were visited and the pages that were visited. To add, information that is collected through cookies does not contain any "information that can personally identify a customer" at all. Also, it is possible for a customer to disable the functionality of cookies through the customer's browser settings. Disabling the functionality of cookies will not cause any issues with the usage of this site.
  8. Inquiries

    Please contact us through the below channels for any inquiries related to the company's handling of personal information.


    Established April 1st, 2018

    CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd.

    Yokohama Bio Industry Center, 1-6 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, 230-0045 JAPAN

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Information About the Handling of Personal Information

About Purposes of Use of Personal Information


  1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

    Personal information that is provided to the company will be used for the following purposes. Personal information will not be used for any purposes other than the below without the person's consent.
    (1) Personal Information of People Who Have Requested Documents, Submitted an Inquiry, or Placed an Order
    ・To send catalogs, e-mail newsletters, and direct marketing
    ・To respond to inquiries 
    ・To reference the content of past inquiries
    ・To process orders
    ・To provide after-sales service or handle repairs
    ・To formulate plans to improve customer satisfaction
    ・To provide precise service at the support desk and improve its quality
    ・To support the sales activity of distributors
    *When we reach out to customers through distributors, we will disclose and provide the customers' personal information to distributors that have signed an agency contract.  
    (2) Personal Information of Customers Who Have Participated in Exhibitions, Events, and Seminars Either Hosted or Cosponsored by the Company
    ・To provide information about upcoming exhibitions, events, and seminars
    ・To provide information about related exhibitions, events, and seminars
    ・To introduce new products and services
    (3) Personal Information of People Who Participated in Questionnaires, User Research, and Monitoring Investigations
    ・To plan products and services, conduct research and development, improve quality, and formulate plans to improve customer satisfaction
    (4) Personal Information of Clients
    ・To send documents and for business communication
    ・For the purposes of use that were expressed when obtaining the personal information
    *The company's personal information that is subject to disclosure is the same as the above personal information.
  2. Entrustment of the Handling of Personal Information

    There are cases in which the company will provide the obtained personal information to an entrusted company within the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes of use expressed above. In this case, the company will select a business operator that thoroughly plans the protection of personal information, conclude a contract to establish ways that personal information will be handled, seek the proper handling of the personal information provided by the company, and appropriately manage the situation.
  3. Voluntariness of Providing Personal Information

    Although the provision of personal information is essentially voluntary, the accomplishment of the purposes of use may be hindered if a portion of the information cannot be provided.
  4. Requests for Management and Disclosure of Personal Information

    The company will manage the provided personal information with content that is as accurate and new as possible. If there is a request to disclose (notification or disclosure of purposes of use or revision, addition, deletion, suspension of use, or elimination of content, or suspension of provision to a third party of content) personal information that is subject to disclosure, the company will perform identity verification and conduct necessary investigations before complying. To add, if the response to the request for disclosure is done by mail, the postage specified by the company shall be paid.
  5. Obtainment of Personal Information Through Methods Other Than Directly in Writing from the Person

    There may be cases in which the company obtains personal information through methods other than directly in writing from the person. For example, the following methods may be used for obtainment.
    (1) Recording the content of a phone call
    (2) Taking a picture or filming a video
    (3) Speaking at an interview or consultation
  6. Contact Information for Inquiries, Complaints, and Consultations about Personal Information

    For inquiries, complaints, and consultations about personal information, please contact us through the following channels.

    CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd.
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