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Campaign !! “launching for NanoDisc BD Kit”


Campaign !! “launching for NanoDisc BD Kit

Difficult to Express

Membrane Protein synthesis by Wheat germ cell free Protein expression system

Although nearly one-third of all eukaryotic genes encode membrane proteins, there are still many challenges in their functional and structural analysis. This is mainly due to the fact that membrane proteins can be toxic to cellular systems or form insoluble aggregates, and the complexity of expressing them in standard protein expression systems. CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. has previously synthesized membrane proteins in the presence of various detergents and synthesized them as proteomic micelles and providing BD (Bi-Layer &  Dialysis) kit for synthesizing membrane proteins as proteoliposomes.


And now we introduce new Kit for membrane protein synthesis by Wheat germ cell free protein synthesis system,.“NanoDisc BD Kit”.


NanoDisc, prepared by various methods, have already been reported for membrane protein expression and research. This kit takes advantage of the benefits of the wheat cell-free synthesis system and combines WEPRO7240ND, a wheat germ extract optimized for Nanodisc synthesis, with the BD method, which has a proven track record in proteoliposome synthesis, and a new synthesis method (patent pending) that co-expresses mRNA for MSP protein and mRNA for the target membrane protein. This new synthesis method (patent pending) enables the synthesis of nanodiscs with unprecedented efficiency and higher quality. This kit enables high-quality and high-efficiency synthesis of membrane proteins that have been difficult to express in the past and is expected to further advance research on functional and structural analysis using membrane proteins.

Campaign !!
“launching for NanoDisc BD Kit”

Now, we are offering a 25% off campaign for trying to use the NanoDisc BD Kit until the end of this December.


And also, if you try Wheat germ Cell Free Protein expression system for the fist time…………
with the purchase of the NanoDisc BD kit, you will receive a free Premium PLUS Expression Kit for confirmation of your target membrane proteins expression.
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